Tuesday, May 27, 2014

a congratulations/farewell party

A few weeks ago we went on a friday evening walk together, just like we normally do, but when we walked back into our apartment there was music playing, flowers on our table, and homemade Chicago-style deep dish pizza.  There was a note on the table telling us to enjoy dinner and then come down to the river for another surprise.  When we arrived, many of David's coworkers as well as current and past RA's had gathered to eat dessert together and celebrate David's transition into his new job.  It was certainly a humbling moment for both of us, and such an awesome reminder of the amazing people david has worked with during the past four years.  These are some rockstar people, and filling our home with them each year has been a complete blessing.  I snapped a few photos during the evening because I didn't want to forget that moment and the people who came to show their appreciation to David.  David would never admit this himself, but it was such a testimony to the work he has done here and the lives he has walked along side. 

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Stephanie F said...

Wow you guys are definitely well surrounded! Congrats to David and best of luck in his new job.