Friday, May 30, 2014

8 months

I feel like we were just getting used to answering people with "she's seven months" and all of a sudden, she's eight!  Here are kenzie's eight month highlights...

-Sitting up entirely on her own now, minus a few bonks here and there.  It's the saddest when she falls over, but it also just sort of comes with this phase.

-loves holding on to small objects...pencils, popsicle sticks, strips of paper, blades of grass, mama's credit card (yikes).  She grasps them in her tiny fists and just stares at them.

-She better be teething or something because she has been a bit more clingy and fussy lately, as well as struggling with naps during the day.  She is also a bit more hesitant to let me feel her gums, so...I'm thinking?  No evidence yet, though.

-loves her daddy.  When we got back from our weekend in ohio a couple weeks ago, she screamed and squealed with delight when she saw him.  All hearts were melted onto the floor.

-still doesn't like food, but we won't stop trying!  Grimace face emoji! We've tried rice cereal, sweet potato, cooked egg yolk, and avocado...and the only thing she has enjoyed is daddy's froyo (oops.)  I'm not worried about it, she has to eventually eat...but any suggestions for first-time foods?

-loves "drinking" out of her sippy cup.  We hold it for her while she sucks and bites on the rubber spout.  Most of the water dribbles down her shirt, but she loves trying.

Life just keeps getting better with ms. kenz around!


Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

My 8 month old's favorite foods right now are sweet potatoes, blueberries, Stonyfield Farms YoBaby yogurt, bananas, shredded cheese, and apples. I cut the blueberries in half and even though she has two teeth, she mostly gums them and will eat a whole tub if I let her. For the apples, I peel and slice them and cook with about 1-2 tablespoons of water on the stove until soft. I usually put the soft apple in her mesh teether because it's super slippery but sometimes I will put a raw, cold slice in there and it seems to help her teething.

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Riley wasn't a huge fan of food until we tried oatmeal and bananas, those were our "gateway" solid foods :)

Nicole Bieri said...

Maybe you've tried it already, but giving her things she can feed herself. Pieces of banana, ripe pear, strips of avocado. Our baby girl is 7 months old and has way more fun feeding herself. Extremely messy, but she loves eating.

Mrs. Miller said...

I started Landon with apples and bananas. If she is hesitant to try some of the stronger flavors then these might help. I also make L his own "froyo" except not really frozen. I use 2% plain greek yogurt (I buy either Fage or Stonyfield) and then mix it with pureed peaches, apples, mango, or pears. He LOVES it.